Monday, March 12, 2012

Family estate vs. family cemetery

What is a family estate?

A family estate serves the same purpose as the old family cemetery where a family of loved ones are buried, or entombed, together in a particular place. However, there are still some differences between a family estate and a family cemetery.

A family estate allows a family to have as many burial spaces or mausoleum crypts as desired so that generations of family members can be buried together. The main difference is that in a family cemetery, someone in the family must be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery. Often, over the years, these cemeteries may become neglected, even abandoned. We see these forlorn specimens all the time as we drive through the countryside.

A family estate, arranged through a funeral home, can be maintained forever without the assistance of the family. Also, the family can choose mausoleum entombment instead of burial.

(Courtesy of Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens and Funeral Home, 9090 Highway 100, Nashville, TN. 615-646-9292.)